Saturday, August 7, 2010

Joe Don Baker as Doctor Who

One of the recent acquisitions Ash made for his Doctor Who collection includes a Doctor I hadn’t seen yet. This doctor wears a clown jacket, yellow striped pants, and a ribbon tie. He doesn’t seem to be a very good Doctor, if there is such a thing. I made the joke that this Doctor is the Joe Don Baker of Doctors. (Joe Don Baker acted in a few movies featured on the show Mystery Science Theater 3000.) Ash didn’t think that was very funny, and then he told me that the actor’s name is Colin Baker. This makes it even funnier. I am now convinced that Colin Baker and Joe Don Baker are brothers!

1 comment:

  1. Colin Baker is the goofiest of the Doctors. I agree with your assessment. It's the Harpo hair that really convinces me every time I try to take a Colin Baker show "seriously." That's sarcasm there, lol