Monday, August 9, 2010

Marvelman Loves Clamato

Recently, Ash kept saying, “Kimota,” over and over again. I had no idea why. When he said, “Kimota,” again, I asked him if it was that drink that’s made of tomatoes and clams. “No,” he said, “that’s Clamato.”
(Drawing by Fanboy Wife, based on a picture by Howard Chaykin.)
Apparently “Kimota” is the magic word that Marvelman shouts to get his magic powers.


  1. "Kimota" is "atomic" pronounced backwards. Seriously.

  2. What if Marvelman gets laryngitis in a crisis? Does he just shrug and swig a Clamato?

  3. Clamato: best drink on earth. Not Beefamato though. I'm from New England so anything with clam juice is okay with me. I suppose people from western states feel the same way about "beef juice."

  4. Beefamato? That sounds horrifying. How far west does one have to be to appreciate that beverage? Clamato also sounds completely unpalatable too. (It’s not the just the clam; I can’t stand tomato juice either.)