Friday, August 27, 2010


The 14th volume of Mystery Science Theater 3000 is worth the investment. Obviously, this set earns the Fanboy Wife Seal of Approval.
The first movie is Mad Monster with a Commando Cody short. This is one of the first episodes, so it’s forgivable. It’s one of the few episodes with J. Elvis Weinstein in it. (Even though I know he has an important role in MST3K’s history, I like Kevin Murphy better.) The movie is about a mad scientist who makes a werewolf.
The second film is Manhunt in Space, and it’s another Joel episode. The short is General Hospital, which results in a robots playing soap opera for one of the shorts.
Soul Taker is from the 10th season, and it’s a Mike episode. The antagonists include Pearl Forrester and her entourage. The movie is bad, which is a given. It’s about a group of people who have their souls knocked out of their bodies, and they’re being chased by an angel of death. In one of the host segments, a past cast member makes a special appearance as a soul taker.
The last movie in the set is Final Justice, and it’s another turd of a film starring Joe Don Baker. In this movie, Baker is a renegade cowboy or something, and he has to go to Malta. Mike thinks that he gets to escape the Satellite of Love because Joel got to leave during the first Joe Don Baker movie, Mitchell. My favorite part of this movie is when Crow and Tom destroy Goosio, the ambassador from Malta.

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  1. My favorite part of _Final Justice_?

    The end credits.