Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mutant Messiah

I guess the kid that Cable was babysitting is named Hope, and she’s the Mutant Messiah. Usually, X-Men don’t get their mutant superpowers until they hit puberty, but Hope was different. She did something magical and mutant-like when she was just a baby. I don’t remember what that was because I wasn’t paying that close of attention when Ash was telling me about it.
Anyway, Ash has been catching up on X-Men, and that includes the Second Coming crossover event. This means that all comics that have anything to do the X-Men were linked together. This is a marketing ploy that comic publishers use to get fanboys to buy more titles; otherwise, they’ll miss part of the precious stories.
So, Hope the miracle mutant baby came back with Cable. She’s a grownup now, but all she can do is make her eyes glow. It doesn’t sound that exciting to me!

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  1. Yeah, I remember when Star Wars did their crossover stories, Vector. Fortunately I didn't buy into that