Friday, September 10, 2010

Tegan’s Amazing Mullet

Ash watched The Two Doctors recently, and it was pretty terrible. It showcased lame aliens, boring plot, and bad costumes. I think it also had something to do with cannibalism. Anyway, it’s the bonus features that interested me. Usually, bonus features make me want run screaming from the room, but I was busy doing something in the living room when Ash wanted to watch them so I couldn’t escape.
The bonus feature he watched began with a photo of a little fanboy who made himself a hideous Joe Don Baker Doctor Who costume. Because this kid had a costume, they made a mini-episode for him. In that episode, the Doctor beamed Tegan, one of his assistants aboard. Tegan usually had short hair, and as the show progressed, her hair got uglier and uglier.
For this particular episode, Tegan was sporting a mullet. It wasn’t just any mullet; this Doctor Who mullet was immaculate! Many of the mullets I have seen seem to have happened by mistake, as though they came into being on their own due to a combination of neglect and a lack of taste. This wasn’t the case with Tegan’s hair. Oh no! It looked like it took a team of experts working around the clock to cut and style her hair. The party in the back was evenly cut and combed. The business in the front was curled and lacquered in place. Other mullets should watch this DVD just so they can take notes.

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