Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brush your Teeth like Superman

A lot of times, the same advertisements appear over and over again in comics. A recent campaign by Colgate toothpaste is popping up in all of Ash’s comics. It’s using the premise that if fanboys brush their teeth, they’ll get to kiss ladies just like Superman. Unfortunately, I bet Superman gets kissed because he’s saves people’s lives and wears “tight pants to show off his bulges.”
I don’t want to argue with Colgate because I know there are some fanboys that need a little extra reminder when it comes to hygiene. I’ve been to comic book stores and waited in line for Free Comic Book Day next to a few foul-smelling fans. I hope to see advisements for deodorant and soap in the near future.


  1. Soap and deoderant would be nice. But don't forget shampoo. I've seen guys who could easily start a grease fire on their heads if they weren't careful.

  2. Appropos of the above, that's actually a diet issue more than a hair-washing one. That or living someplace there's a lot of unburnt hydrocarbons in the air.

    If you eat a half-sensible diet (mostly grilled, boiled, baked and stir-fried food rather than deep-fried, burgers and pizzas), your hair will balance itself out in a month or so if you stop stripping all the oil out it by washing it every day.