Monday, September 13, 2010

Patrolling Doom

Ash has been reading Doom Patrol lately, so it keeps coming up in conversation. Here is the information I’ve gather so far. First of all, it’s a superhero team from many years ago that got cancelled. The book ended with a big explosion. The series was brought back, so it’s in publication again.
There is an invisible man on the team. His soul lives in a body made of bandages. He can leave his wrappings for a few seconds, but he has to return. He is pretty much immortal, as long as he stays in his bandages. If he is separated from them for too long, he will basically be a ghost doom to roam the Earth for all eternity.

Another character is a robot man, whose existence is pretty sad too. The robot man died, but a scientist put his brain into a robot (but at least he didn’t have to fight the Aztec mummy). I think this man would rather be dead than be a robot. On the plus side, he’s very popular on the dance floor because he can do the robot very well.
The last superhero is a woman who can grow very large and shrink back to normal size. She’s a good friend to have when moving, fighting Godzilla, or changing light bulbs in very tall fixtures. Unfortunately, she actually died in that explosion, and so she’s a clone that’s made out of mush. Now, she’s pretty much invincible too.

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