Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Renaissance Rob Part I

The Renaissance was a high point in art and culture in the Western world. This was a time of discovery and innovation in art, math, science and literature. “Renaissance” means “rebirth” and it came about because of the rediscovery of ancient Greek and Roman art and artifacts. Many Christians no longer thought that their ancient Pagan ancestry was completely evil, and they used many Greco-Roman influences in their new creations. Not only did the art world return a time of excellence, but many artists went beyond the ancient artists and created new and wonderful works of art.

Unfortunately, Robbo Botticeliefeld was not able to keep up with the times. The Birth of Venus is an example of his painting style. Despite the many successful art apprenticeship programs available in Italy during the Renaissance, Botticeliefeld insisted on being a “self-taught” artist. While he was interested in Greco-Roman imagery (especially the nude ladies), he was not interested in proportion or using any observational skills.

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