Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rob in the Middle Ages

While the ancient Liefeld artists did not fit in, they had more success during the Middle Ages. In the history of art, a high point in human depiction developed during the Greco-Roman times. Artists trained hard and were able to recreate the human form in paintings and statues. After Constantine came to power and changed everyone’s religion to Christianity in the Roman Empire, there was a noticeable change in the art world. One of the ways the Christians separated themselves from the Pagans once they got into control was by destroying Greco-Roman artwork. Because they were monotheistic, they assumed all artworks created by Pagans went against their religion and they committed acts of iconoclasm. Additionally, when the new Christian artists abandoned the knowledge and traditions of the past and went in a new direction. This new tradition denied the human body, and people started to look unrealistic. Many pictures had heavy outlines, unrealistic perspective, boneless fingers, and a bold lack of proportion.

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