Sunday, September 5, 2010

Vigo Gnocchi

I really do not enjoy cooking, but I can make a few decent meals. My most recent favorite dish is chicken gnocchi Veronese. It’s a very unhealthy chicken dish with cheese sauce and Italian potato dumplings. I don’t think Ash cared for the meal at first, but then he saw the brand of gnocchi I bought.
Honestly, I’m too lazy to make my own gnocchi, and I don’t have all of the right cooking equipment anyway so I just buy Vigo gnocchi. Yes, that’s Vigo, like the antagonist in Ghostbusters II. I think Ash secretly hopes that the dumplings were made in an evil painting


  1. It's quite hard to make homemade gnocchi. My family cooks together a great deal, and we buy it pre-made. I've never tried chicken gnocchi though. Sounds good.

  2. Ha, I was thinking Vigo Mortenson, but I guess that wouldn't necessarily appeal ...

  3. As Alex says above, making gnocchi is way harder than it ought to be given how theoretically simple the recipe is!