Friday, October 22, 2010

Pearl, Bobo, and Brain Guy

Pearl Forrester was Dr. Forester’s mother, but she liked TV’s Frank more. She also liked Crow, but called him Art. Anyway, Pearl appeared on MST3K from time to time until the show was moved to the Sci-Fi Channel. After the move, she became the main antagonist.
(Drawing by Fanboy Wife.)
At first, she was on a planet where “apes evolved from man” and after it was destroyed, she acquired Professor Bobo as a sidekick. Even though Bobo was a distinguished professor of anthropology, he had a red butt and poor hygiene.
The other sidekick is Observer, who was a pale alien that kept his brain in a dish. Observer was omnipotent, but he suffered from body odor (even though he insists that he doesn’t have a body.) He often went by the name “Brain Guy” instead of Observer.

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