Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Luke Cage

Luke Cage was Power Man, and he has indestructible skin. Ash said that he was a blacksploitation character from the 1970s who wore a tiara. Power Man was teamed up with Iron Fist, but he was killed, and then later brought back. Anyway, Power Man just goes by his name now, and he doesn’t team up with Iron Fist that often either. Luke Cage also knocked up another superhero, Jessica Jones, and later married her in the Alias story.
Now, Luke Cage is in The New Avengers and he’s possessed by a demon, who is trying to find the Eye of Torquemada (of whatever it’s called). He’s also bald and a giant. Dr. Voodoo is supposed to be in charge of the Eye, but demon got a hold of it and took it to another dimension.

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