Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MST3K 10

When Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume 10 was originally sold, it included Godzilla vs. Megalon, Swamp Diamonds, Teen-Age Strangler, and The Giant Spider Invasion.

Godzilla vs. Megalon is about the people of Seatopia rising up to conquer the Earth. Fortunately for the Earthlings, Godzilla teams up with a giant robot to save the day. Unfortunately, Rhino lost the rights to sell this movie, so volume 10 is no longer sold with Godzilla vs. Megalon. (It is possible to buy a used copy for an extremely high price, but even I don’t like the show that much!)
The second episode begins with the short, What to Do on a Date. I learned that going to the movies is a bad idea, but weenie roasts and rummage sales are romantic. Tom Servo tried to apply why he learned in an attempt to woo Gypsy. The main feature is Swamp Diamonds, which is about a group of female convicts and an undercover cop who break out of jail in an attempt to find some diamonds in the swamp.
Teen-Age Strangler is truly dreadful. The spoiler is that it’s a movie about a strangler whose victims are teenagers; it’s not about a teenager that strangles. The best host segment is when Mike transforms into a whiney character from the movie and confesses that he stole a bicycle.
The last movie is The Giant Spider Invasion, and it just about unwatchable. Unlike some other films featured on MST3K, this one is memorable too. It’s about a drunken woman, her hideous and unfaithful husband, their skanky daughter, a scientist in a pants suit, and condescending scientist, a guy who was on Gilligan’s Island, a prostitute, a bunch of spiders, spider puppets, and the local townsfolk. A meteor lands in Wisconsin, and giant spiders hatch. Those spiders grow up to become giant spider puppets, which terrorize the town.

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  1. I love MST3K. I've seen almost every episode.