Thursday, November 11, 2010

MST3K 11

I’ll admit that I prefer Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes that feature Mike instead of Joel, and even though MST3K 11 has 75% Joel I still enjoyed it. The episodes include The Ring of Terror, The Indestructible Man, Tormented, and The Horrors of Spider Island.
The Ring of Terror is about some very old medical students who go through hazing to be in a fraternity. The opening scene features a man looking for his cat Puma, which is a reference that pops up in later MST3K riffing.
The next film, The Indestructible Man, is bad but I’ve seen worse. It’s about a convict that was executed brought back from the dead, and he goes on a rampage. A cop and a burlesque dancer save the day. The best part of this episode is when Joel tries out the extreme close up technique that was used in the movie, but the robots lick him off camera.
The last Joel episode in this set is Tormented, which is about a Jazz musician who lets his girlfriend fall to her death right before he gets married to a different woman. After her death, the musician is “tormented,” but it really looks like he was merely annoyed for most of it. There was a scene when the dead girlfriend’s head shouts, “Tom Stewart killed me! Tom Stewart killed me!” This lead to Tom and Crow removing their own heads so they could shout, “Joel Robinson killed us! Joel Robinson Killed us!”
The final disc in the set is Horrors of Spider Island. The movie is about a group of dancers who get in an airplane crash and have to murmur listlessly around an island that is home to a giant spider. Mike and the bots also experience their own plane crash, while in drag, in order to share the dancers’ experience. The giant spider on the island was quite laughable, which caused Mike to make his own terrible spider costume.

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