Monday, November 22, 2010


Despite the hard economic times, Ash is doing his fanboy duties and continues to support the comic book industry even though we can’t afford to turn on the heat. One of his more recent acquisitions is Nemesis, which is made by the guy who made Kick-Ass. (Kick-Ass was a comic that was later turned into a movie that I didn’t watch. Ash watched it, but I was busy making pasta e fagioli.)

Ash said that Nemesis is about, well, a nemesis. The main character hunts down police chiefs because his mother was punished for a crime she committed. At one point, he abducts a man’s children and will only release them if the man learns three family secrets. The man finds out that his son is gay, his daughter had an abortion, and his was cheated on him. Nemesis releases the children, but the daughter is pregnant with her brother’s baby. Nemesis used a magical formula during the IVF process that will make it is so the daughter could never have children again if she aborts her inbred fetus. Apparently, Nemesis is a pro-life fanatic. He’s also extremely pronatalist if he thinks the worst thing that could happen to the daughter would be infertility. I guess adoption doesn’t exist in this aspect of the multi-verse.
The front cover if issue one states that Nemesis “MAKES KICK-ASS LOOK LIKE $#!T.” If this is better than Kick-Ass, I feel pretty fortunate that I was cooking while Ash was watching TV.

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