Monday, November 29, 2010

The Unwritten

Ash has been reading The Unwritten recently. He said it’s a book about an author who wrote a series of popular magical books like Harry Potter. The author named the character in his book after his son, so it’s similar to boy whose father wrote Winnie the Pooh. At the peak of his career, the author disappears and the comic is about his son and his wacky adventures.
Strange things start happening to the author’s son when things from the novels start to come to life. I know Ash told me more about what was happening because his is really excited about this title, but I think I drifted to sleep when he was telling me about it. The only other thing I know about this book is that Ash has let the comics pile up for a year, and now he is finally reading them.


  1. Uhmmm, isn't that a lot like the plot of "Inkheart?"

  2. No. It's quite a bit different. The Unwritten is about how the written word is controled, sensored, and manipulated and the only thing to combat it is to write a powerful enough story to overcome it.