Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Doctor Who: The Horns of Nimon

Even though Doctor Who killed our last television, Ash has been risking it by watching it on our new TV set. This weekend he watched The Horns of Nimon, and even Ash had to admit the costumes were horrible.
These episodes attempt to retell the Minoan myth about the labyrinth, except the maze is in space. Instead of a minotaur, the monster is a lanky guy with go-go boots, a golden loincloth, a big orangutan mask with neon horns, and his name is Nylon. Nylon terrorizes Doctor Scarf, his companion, and a bunch of people in gold jumpsuits. However, I think Nylon’s mask was supposed to look like a bull because in one scene the Doctor waves a small red scarf to get Nylon to charge, even though real cows are colorblind. This could explain why Nylon never chased after the companion, who was wearing a red coat. Regardless, Ash commented a few times about how the costuming hindered his Doctor Who experience.
The storyline ended with several other golden loincloth-clad aliens joining the first, and they growled at the humans and chased them around the ship. Eventually, the companion got a magic wand and shot the aliens. K-9 made a special appearance and shot one of the “minotaurs” too. Their deaths were quite pitiful, and I don’t know if I should blame the acting or the costuming. There was also an evil human whose own death scene made the aliens’ acting look good by comparison. At one point, I snuck the remote away from Ash and turned off the TV, which was quickly met by his wrath!


  1. But it was Tom Baker. He was the best Doctor, ever!
    Oh, I'm so ashamed. I'm a gender-traitor! Women aren't supposed to like this stuff, are they?

  2. Loads of women love Dr. Who, especially Tom Baker(it's was the eighties, that hair was actually acceptable), and David Tenent (10th) because he's dreamy or something. I was partial to the ninth Doctor, he was crabby in a way that reminded me of the original, cranky old man Doctor.