Monday, February 28, 2011

First Born Broken Trinity

The only thing I know about First Born Broken Trinity is that it’s a big stinky book that kind of looks like the Witchblade books. I apologize for not being more helpful on this topic.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Cute, Little Comic

Ash is excited because he got a small reprint of old comics this week. It’s Blue Ribbon Digest #24: Legion of Super-Heroes and it was published in 1982. When he got his loot unpacked from the shipping box, he was excited to show me his “cute, little comic.” On the plus side, it’s a small comic, so it won’t take up too much space, even though it’s 100 pages. Ash said this completes his 1970-80s collection. I know I don’t need to say it, but that man has too many comics.
The Blue Ribbon Digests are reprints of old comics that contain an original comic at the beginning. The original story was written by Paul Levitz, and the rest of the book contains reprints from the 1960s. Ash said, “The cool thing is that it has a ‘meet the Legion’ chapter that has pictures and biographies of the Legion of Super-Heroes.” The only thing that’s missing is a scratch-n-sniff section where rabid Legion fans can smell Lightning Lad’s leotard.
Ash told me that this was only way that new Legion fans could read old comics at the time, and since Ash wants the 1980s fanboy experience he had to locate it at a nerdy comic website. Apparently this book was in high demand and it took him awhile to get his own copy.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Creepy is an Understatement

Ash has a comic called Creepy, which is aptly named. Any comic that is about stripper-Hitler is certainly “creepy!”

Friday, February 18, 2011

Teen Titans and the Old Professor

Ash is in the midst of reading a Teen Titans omnibus, and I hear him giggling in the other room every now and then. The story he read most recently was about Donna Troy, who is Wonder Girl. She is dating Terry Long, a college history professor with goofy red hair and a beard. First of all, it’s a little creepy that a teenager is dating a professor. Even if Terry Long just got hired as a professor, he is significantly older than a teenager. Ash thinks Wonder Girl might be over 19, even though she’s a Teen Titan, but there’s still a big age gap.
In New Teen Titans #13, Wonder Girl beats up some bad guys, and then she finds her old boyfriend. She asks him, “It doesn’t bother that you that I’m so strong, does it?” Old Professor Long then explains that he had a lot of older sisters, so he’s used to getting beaten up. He then proceeds to tell her that he thinks it’s kind of “kinky.” The next panel shows him apologizing. Ash knows that Terry Long dies pretty soon in the story, and he can see why.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Comic Book Shop Shenanigans

Ash had a request for my entry for today. He wanted me write about how I love and support him, and how anyone would be lucky to be as cool as Ash. Instead, I’m going to make fun of Ash’s recent trip to the comic book store.
Ash usually orders his comics online because he gets a good discount and can buy a lot more books than any man truly needs. However, this week Ash heard there was going to be a sale at the local comic book store on back issues. In preparation for the comic sale festivities, he made a big list of all the comics his little fanboy heart desired. He was so proud that he only spent $62 for a cubic foot of comics. I am proud that he got all of his comics put away before the weekend was over.

Friday, February 11, 2011

DC Comics for $2.99 Poster

DC Comics is dropping the price of comics to $2.99, which is appealing to fanboys. Ash has known about this for quite awhile, but his most recent comic shipment included a poster advertising this fact. Did they think that Ash will hang up the ad and all of his friends will come over and see the poster and think, “Gee, I should stock up on DC Comics! They’re only three bucks!” Then, Ash and all of his fanboyfriends will frolic to the local comic book shop and buy as many DC titles as they can carry. However, this marketing idea is a flop. Ash, like many other fanboys, does not have scores of friends who come to visit. Somehow, having a metric ton of Legion comics and all of the Green Lantern rings does not make him extremely popular.
Then again, DCBS could have had a whole bunch of extra posters and decided to put them in all outgoing shipments.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fantastic Four Minus One

Ash has been anticipating the big change when the Fantastic Four offs one of its members and becomes the Thantastic Three. Unfortunately, Ash is torn between reading the comic and preserving the issue in its original packaging. It’s a true fanboy dilemma! I even offered to find out who gets killed by doing a basic internet search so he wouldn’t have to open the black bag, but he refused.
The comic arrived on the first this month, and he’s been trying to figure out the best way to open the bag without wrecking it. Obviously, he wasn’t pleased with my suggestion to try using the paper shredder.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Evil Dead the Musical

Ash and I recently journeyed across state lines to see Evil Dead the Musical. Even though remakes are usually disappointing and neither of us care for musicals, we thought it would be fun to see. Overall, it was an enjoyable show and my complaints mostly have to do with that particular production. The play is a combination of Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, and Army of Darkness. There wasn’t too much taken from Army of Darkness except the jokes about S-Mart, so the bulk of the show was from the first two movies. If I was a 19-year-old college student who had only seen the Evil Dead movies once or twice, I probably would have enjoyed the show immensely.
The musical began with five college students heading to an abandoned cabin for spring break. The students are Ash, Ash’s sister Cheryl, Ash’s girlfriend Linda, Ash’s friend Scott, and Scott’s slutty girlfriend Shelly. After the kids settle into the cabin, Cheryl gets possessed and starts biting everyone. The first act features great songs, such as “Look Who’s Evil Now, and “What the **** was That?” Even though Ash ends up killing everyone in the cabin, this production was surprisingly un-bloody. It seems that their director was okay with all of the swearing and sex, but fake blood and sound effects crossed the line! This particular production chose to use glitter instead of fake blood, and it wasn’t very effective. I didn’t even notice the glitter until a few gun shots into the show because they didn’t use very much and it wasn’t easy to see.
The second act further developed the characters of the Professor’s daughter Annie, who had some new Necronomicon pages, her boyfriend Ed, and the hillbilly Jake. The audience learns more about Annie when she sings, “All the Men in my Life Keep getting Killed by Candarian Demons,” and Ed and Jake turn into Deadites. All of the zombies keep attacking Ash and Annie, whilst Annie’s clothes keep disappearing. Eventually, Ash saves the day. The show concludes with Ash telling his story in S-Mart, but no one believes him until a Deadite attacks and he saves the day one last time. The show concludes with the best song, “Blew that ***** away,” and they all lived happily ever after!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Triumphal Return of Fanboy Wife

As I promised, I’m returning to my blog for February. This coincides with my husband’s new box of comics. I’m going to just update on Mondays at Fridays at first. If readership picks back up, I’ll probably resume to writing more frequently. Thanks for taking the break with me!