Friday, February 11, 2011

DC Comics for $2.99 Poster

DC Comics is dropping the price of comics to $2.99, which is appealing to fanboys. Ash has known about this for quite awhile, but his most recent comic shipment included a poster advertising this fact. Did they think that Ash will hang up the ad and all of his friends will come over and see the poster and think, “Gee, I should stock up on DC Comics! They’re only three bucks!” Then, Ash and all of his fanboyfriends will frolic to the local comic book shop and buy as many DC titles as they can carry. However, this marketing idea is a flop. Ash, like many other fanboys, does not have scores of friends who come to visit. Somehow, having a metric ton of Legion comics and all of the Green Lantern rings does not make him extremely popular.
Then again, DCBS could have had a whole bunch of extra posters and decided to put them in all outgoing shipments.

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