Monday, February 7, 2011

Fantastic Four Minus One

Ash has been anticipating the big change when the Fantastic Four offs one of its members and becomes the Thantastic Three. Unfortunately, Ash is torn between reading the comic and preserving the issue in its original packaging. It’s a true fanboy dilemma! I even offered to find out who gets killed by doing a basic internet search so he wouldn’t have to open the black bag, but he refused.
The comic arrived on the first this month, and he’s been trying to figure out the best way to open the bag without wrecking it. Obviously, he wasn’t pleased with my suggestion to try using the paper shredder.


  1. I may be wrong, but I've heard that it's not a good idea to leave them in these bags because they aren't the same quality as the clear bags comic books collectors use. I think the reason is that as the bag ages, the comic book will age quicker. I could be wrong though. And yes, I am a fellow fanboy, if you couldn't tell from the above comment.

  2. AnOmnibus (I think I'l try and remember to put that as line 1 of future comments) says:-

    I see SFP's point above, and think he's right form a chemistry viewpoint. OTOH, if you never open the bag, that's the only way of having a truly mint and collectable example which should be worth about 100x the original price in 20 years from now.