Friday, February 18, 2011

Teen Titans and the Old Professor

Ash is in the midst of reading a Teen Titans omnibus, and I hear him giggling in the other room every now and then. The story he read most recently was about Donna Troy, who is Wonder Girl. She is dating Terry Long, a college history professor with goofy red hair and a beard. First of all, it’s a little creepy that a teenager is dating a professor. Even if Terry Long just got hired as a professor, he is significantly older than a teenager. Ash thinks Wonder Girl might be over 19, even though she’s a Teen Titan, but there’s still a big age gap.
In New Teen Titans #13, Wonder Girl beats up some bad guys, and then she finds her old boyfriend. She asks him, “It doesn’t bother that you that I’m so strong, does it?” Old Professor Long then explains that he had a lot of older sisters, so he’s used to getting beaten up. He then proceeds to tell her that he thinks it’s kind of “kinky.” The next panel shows him apologizing. Ash knows that Terry Long dies pretty soon in the story, and he can see why.


  1. Oh, everyone hates Terry Long and recognizes he's extra creepy, except maybe Marv Wolfman, the writer who created him--based on himself, obviously.

    Terry's #1 on this list.

  2. An Omnibus said:-

    [nerd rage] Deanna Troi was in Star Trek: The Next Generation, not Teen Titans! [/end]