Friday, March 4, 2011

Why am I Married to Servo?

I noticed awhile ago that my husband found a new place to store his wedding ring. Yes, he keeps it on a small, plastic Tom Servo toy. Do other husbands store their wedding bands on nerdy dolls, or am I the only lucky one?


  1. An Omnibus said:-

    It could be way worse; imagine if he kept it on a Jar Jar Binks action figure!!

    Also, why do I have to jump through hoops to get to find out what the Captcha wants me to type?

  2. Mine is rigidly affixed to my ring finger, so I guess you may be the only 'lucky one'!

  3. I keep mine on my ring finger all the time. I go to places where a sign of my marital status is important information.

  4. My husband can't really take his off... We tattooed ours on.

    So he will be losing more than a marriage after a divorce.
    Not that it will ever happen, but if it does he vowed to cut his finger off. Lol