Friday, April 29, 2011

Banana Twinkies

Several years ago, Ash and I watched a documentary on Twinkies and we learned that they originally had banana cream. The recipe later changed when bananas were rationed. A couple years ago, we saw limited edition banana Twinkies at our local grocery store and bought them to give them a try, and we loved them. Unfortunately, the temporary sale of retro-Twinkies ended. Since then, Ash often laments for his desire for banana snack cakes. Yes, he enjoyed the Green Lantern Balls and Flash Cakes recently, but nothing replaced the original Twinkies.

We were grocery shopping last week, and before we checked out I asked Ash if he wanted anything else. He said, “Banana flavored Twinkies,” and lo and behold! There were banana flavored Twinkies on the shelf behind him. He bought all of the boxes that were in stock. Ash was happy. I was a little disappointed that he wasted his one wish that the universe granted on snacks, but I have been eating the Twinkies too.

1 comment:

  1. lol every fanboy has his day!
    My husband wasted his wish on toy availability...