Monday, May 9, 2011

Batman: Under the Red Hood

Ash made me dinner, so I told him he could pick out what movie we’d watch and I wouldn’t complain (too much). Ash decided to watch Batman: Under the Red Hood, which is a cartoon about Batman. It begins with the Joker killing Robin because the fans demanded it apparently. Shortly afterwards, the Red Hood appears and starts killing all the bad guys. One of the bad guys has a creepy mummified head, and Ash said his name is Black Mask. He became a bad guy after an unfortunate incident when he went bobbing for French-fries in the deep fryer.
The big “surprise” is that the Red Hood is really dead Robin, who was turned into a mummy and dipped in a mystical hot tub and brought back to life. Red Robin finagles the Joker’s jail break so he can try to make Batman kill him. In the end, Ash lived happily ever after because I tried to be on my best behavior while he watched it.


  1. That part about Joker killing Robin because the fans demanded it is based on something DC did with the Batman comic book in the late 1980s. Fans could call a 900-number (I think it cost 50¢) and vote on the ending of an upcoming issue of Batman: Should Batman kill the Joker or should the Joker kill Robin? The fans voted to kill Robin. Ash probably knew this but he must have spared you the lecture because you were so well-behaved.

  2. There is something kind of "ewwww" about a poll that says, "If you want the 14-year old boy to survive, press '1.' If you want him to get blown up, press '2.' IIRC, in the original comic books, the Red Hood turned out to be the Joker. Maybe they later changed that. And the Batman:Brave & Bold TV cartoon show had an episode in an alternate world where the Joker/Red Hood and other villains were good guys, and the Justice League heroes were villains.