Friday, May 6, 2011

Pink Lanterns

Ash pointed out recently that there are no Pink Lanterns, but they are Violet Lanterns. I was surprised because the plastic ring he has enshrined is clearly pink. I might even buy that it was fuchsia, but it is not purple at all. Shouldn’t the company who made the rings have consulted a color wheel before making the product? At the very least, they should have looked at a box of crayons to double check the color.


  1. But why aren't there Pink Lanterns? A Pink Lantern movie would be so much more entertaining than boring Green Lantern. Who would play Pink Lantern? Keannu Reeves? John Travolta, or is he too old? Make it so, DC!

  2. The poster formelrly known as "An Omnibus" said...

    You know what's really funny; the advertising link I've got is for the "Pink Lantern" ring! :D

    Also Tom, surely Pink Lantern should be a girl when in "plain clothes", and a boy when in "uniform"?