Monday, June 13, 2011

Green Lantern and Thor Movies

To say Ash is excited about the upcoming Green Lantern movie would be an understatement. He wears his Green Lantern apparel more often than usual, he carries around a Green Lanternkeychain, and he visits his Lantern ring shrine quite often. Also, anytime we pass by the t-shirts at any clothing store he pines for more Green Lantern attire. If he wouldn’t waste all his money on comics and their specialty packaging, he’d probably buy us matching t-shirts to wear to the movie.
When I flipped the calendar page to June I saw that Ash had marked the date for the movie. He did that with Thor too. On Thursday, May 5th at about 11:30 at night, Ash woke me up. He was rummaging around in our bedroom and I thought he was just trying to find comics to read or perhaps his Ghostbusters pajama pants so he could go to bed. Oh no, he came to wake me up to tell me he was going to see the midnight showing of Thor. Knowing I wasn’t going to get up and go to the movie, he invited me to come along. I told him that the only way I would go is if I could wear giant Viking horns and sit in the front. He told me, “No,” so I went back to sleep.
Since Ash went to Thor by himself he could splurge for the 3-D version. He wasn’t all that impressed. He said the glasses were dirty and the effects weren’t all that amazing. He even went to the cinema wearing his contacts in anticipation for the glasses, but he said he got annoyed and took out his lenses in the theater and wore the 3-D spectacles over his regular ones. It didn’t make any difference. So, at least I won’t have to go to any 3-D movies anytime soon. However, I don’t think I’ll get out of “enjoying” the Green Lantern experience this week.

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  1. Our husbands hand writing is shockingly identical @__@!!!