Friday, July 22, 2011

Green Lantern Key Chain

The last time Ash and I did laundry Ash got a not-so-pleasant surprise. Every now and then, Ash leaves things in his pockets when he throws his clothes in the laundry basket. Usually, this results in ink stains or pulped napkins, but he’s been lucky lately.
His lucky streak ended when we were pulling clothes out of the dryer and found a small, clear rectangle. We stared at it for a minute wondering what the heck it was. Neither of us knew, so we continued to unload. I then found another big plastic piece that was clearly the remains of a keychain. Ash was not pleased; he knew that it was his Green Lantern key chain. I offered to draw him a new picture to put in the keychain case, but he said, “No. Why make a new picture when I can find the original?” He then found one of the crumpled pieces of paper. I found the other one while I was matching socks.


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