Monday, July 11, 2011

Papier-Mâché Proton Pack 3

I love papier-mâché and I’ve made some pretty impressive piñatas in the past, but this proton pack is getting very annoying. I added the raised circles over the holes on the “Cyclotron,” which was harder than it appears. I tried to get Ash to help me cut out the little doughnuts, but his was a mess. I think he did a bad job on purpose so I wouldn’t ask him to help again. I used two layers of thin cardboard glued together and covered with thin strips of newspaper, and then I stuck them in place with more paper and paste.
I wanted to add the straps before I get more fragile parts added to the front, and I thought I would cut up an old backpack for the straps. When I couldn’t find the bag I was looking for, I came across the straps that came with a portable DVD player case, which we never used. I used thick metal wire to create loops and long supports. I covered the entire back of the cardboard with ¼” thick papier-mâché to hold everything in place.
After the back dried, I added the big band across the bottom, which was constructed out of a Vanilla Coke box. I had to glue a few more pieces in place that will be covered the next time I mix up a new batch of paste.


  1. I'm impressed. I could never make something like that, and I can't afford to buy one, so I don't know what I'll use to zap papier-mâché ghosts.

  2. This is great... I am paper macheing a proton pack for my sons halloween costume... Its turning out very well... I would like to see your completed pack :) with paint and wires do you have a pic??