Friday, July 15, 2011

Queen of the Nerds

Last year, Ash got a bunch of various colored Lantern rings in conjunction with the Blackest Night event. Each comic Ash brought home came with a plastic ring. During the event, D. C. Comics killed a lot of its characters and brought them back as Black Lantern zombies.
This year, D. C.’s event is called Flash Point, which stirred up the nerdiverse again. Ash has been griping about Flash Point for a while, and basically everything he likes is changing. He is so upset he told me that his order for comics next month will be under $100!
The “prize” this year is pins. Ash already had a lot of pins that he purchased from the local comic book store, but and now his collection is even bigger. He has them displayed on one of his comic shelves, and he gets upset if I move them. So, of course, I had to move them.
I decided all of his Flash Point buttons would look better on a princess sash. I then added all of his other superhero pins. I couldn’t wait for Ash to get home and try on his sash, so I felt like I should take the time declare myself queen of the nerds!



  1. Queen of Nerdonia!

    You look lovely, Your Majesty.

  2. Nice, and I don't just mean the sash!

  3. Is that you in the photo? If so, Ash is definitely now making all the other comic nerds jealous!

    Niiiiicceeee !!!