Monday, August 29, 2011

Renaissance Festival Bingo

There are two times of year when the Renaissance Faires are in season: end of spring and beginning of fall. Since the fall season is getting underway, I made a Renaissance Festival Bingo card. Print it off and mark the squares after you see what’s listed. Unfortunately, I have seen all of the items listed on the card. (I still have nightmares about a certain smiley face codpiece!)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Proton Pack 8

I bought Ash a Ghostbusters logo and Venkmen patch on eBay for his Halloween costume. The shipping was really fast, and Ash likes them. He is responsible for getting the coveralls because there is no way I am sewing after I spent all of this time making the papier-mâché proton pack. I don’t think I’ve spent this much time on making any of Ash’s other Halloween costumes.

I keep thinking I’m done with the final layer of paper, but then I find a little flaw or lump or divot and have to go back and fix it. I especially want the corners to look sharp and geometric. So, I keep sanding and adding more layers. Even though I make costumes for us almost every year, this is one probably has taken the longest! (A couple years ago I made Ash a pretty impressive mummy costume made out individual bandages sewn together complete with hieroglyph inscriptions and amulets. Two years ago, I made him a satin Elvis suit that I decked out with hand-sewn jewels.)
After I got everything built with the paper and paste, I bought some wood putty to fill in the low spots to help make the surfaces smoother. After even more sanding, and a lot of vacuuming, I was able to prep the surface for painting.

I thought I would try spray gesso instead of regular gesso because I knew I would have a look of little spaces to paint around and I wanted a smooth surface. Let me just say my experiment was a waste of time and money. Krylon Gesso Spray is just very expensive and stinky spray paint. I also think it attracts bugs because as soon as I put on the first coat a dozen insects decided to crawl on my project and die.

Since I bought the spray, I didn’t have any regular gesso, so I touched up the surfaces as best as I could with some cheap acrylic paint I had. I didn’t save any time since I had to paint by hand anyway.

I had a lot better luck with the black spray paint. I bought camouflage paint since I wanted a matte finish and I like it! I’m starting to resent this project a little less. I just hope Ash appreciates his homemade paper proton pack.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Superhero Yoga: Atom Eve Pose

Not only does Superhero Yoga inspire me to go to a real yoga class with a certified and quailed instructor to fix the damage I’m doing to my spine, but it’s also making me feel fat! Perhaps I shouldn’t attempt to compare myself to contortionist cartoons right after eating tacos?
The Atom Eve Pose is from Invincible Presents Atom Eve. It’s another one legged pose. I did manage to get one photo taken when I was balancing on the ball of my foot, but it was very blurry because I was about to fall over! If only I didn’t a stomach, liver, or any other internal organs, because I think this is my closest match yet with Superhero Yoga!

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Walking Dead TV Show

I know Ash has been reading The Walking Dead, and he enjoys it. He’s usually pretty entertained by flesh eating zombies. Ash was a little disappointed that he couldn’t watch the TV show since we don’t have cable, but he knew that it would be available to buy eventually.
Even though season one of The Walking Dead has been on DVD for awhile, he waited for it to go on sale before buying it. I’m quite pleased that he waited for it to be cheaper, and I hope this frugality will spread to other shopping trips.
Anyway, I was a little wary about watching this show with Ash. Most of the time I get bored and irritated when watching comic-based movies and television shows, such as Green Lantern and Smallville. However, there are some zombies I enjoy, like the deadites in The Evil Dead movies and musical. Sean of the Dead was extremely entertaining. I also liked Night of the Living Dead, but I can’t stand the sequel when they’re in the mall.  
So, Ash and I watched it recently, and it wasn’t too bad. I think watching it over a period of time was helpful too. Usually, when Ash watches shows on DVD, he has a non-stop marathon. The makeup artists for the show did a nice job, and the story isn’t entirely predictable. Ash likes telling me the differences between the comics and the show, but I can handle that. Whenever we watch anything doing with ancient cultures, I have to point out everything that is inaccurate.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Proton Pack 7

I did have to break down and buy something to use as the hose on the pack pack. Considering that this is the first thing I’ve had to buy for Ash’s Ghostbuster costume, I’m not too upset. Ash and I went to a home improvement store, and I guessed we’d find something in the electronic wires aisle. Surprisingly, I was right! (My next guess would have been the irrigation section.) I got a pack of flex tubing for a couple bucks. I had to hang it up for a few days to get the major kinks out of it, but it should work pretty well.
I also had to build cups to hold the tubing for the proton pack. My plan is to add the hoses and wire and such after I get the proton pack sanded and painted.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Superhero Yoga: Saturn Girl Pose

Yoga must be popular 1,000 years in the future because the girls in the Legion certainly are flexible! The Saturn Girl Pose comes from Legion: Dream Crime Part Two. Once again, I couldn’t curve my spine nearly as much as the superhero. I swear I was able to balance on the ball of my foot for a second, but I must have dropped back down right before the picture was taken. Additionally, I didn’t get my hands bent back enough, but I’m amused by my melodramatic facial expression. Unfortunately, I couldn’t shrink my head and waist down to match Saturn Girl’s proportions.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Proton Pack 6

The Ghostbusters ray gun thing with this proton pack is driving me crazy! I can’t believe how much time I’ve spent on this already, and I know that I’ll have more work to do yet. Since I’m doing my best to use things around the house, I bent a few pins and finagled them to work as switches.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Superhero Yoga: Duplicate Girl Pose

Even though I’ve only taken about a dozen yoga lessons, I have decided to invent my own form of yoga. Instead of taking classes with a highly qualified yoga instructor who is certified at the 200 of 500-hour level, I’m going to draw my inspiration from comic books! It’s called Superhero Yoga, which is where I will attempt to twist myself in the same positions as demonstrated by superheroes on the covers of my husband’s comic books. On one hand, I’m doing this to prove that there is no way a person could contort herself in these positions. On the other hand, it’s yet another way for me to mock something my husband loves!
The first pose is inspired by Duplicate Girl from the Adventure Comics #528. Duplicate Girl is in the Legion and can replicate herself via super-mitosis. She also fights evil wearing go-go boots.
Since I never went to yoga class in heeled boots and mod dress, I figured I would attempt the Duplicate Girl Pose in regular workout attire and barefoot. While I couldn’t lean over at a 45˚ angle, hold my bent leg out behind my body, crush my vertebrae while curving my spine backward, or bite my own shoulder, I was impressed that I could balance on one leg long enough for the picture!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Papier-Mâché Proton Pack 5

Since I’m pretty much done with the newspaper and paste part of Ash’s proton pack, I’ve been working on the little gun thing that catches ghosts. I started off by making the handles. I had some plastic tubes that I took out of a pair of Isis wings, and I chopped them up with a pipe cutter. I wrapped many layers of gooey newspaper around the tubes, and then I built up the grips. I thought I did a fairly nice job with that part.
Building the little box that the tubes and handles stick out of was a pain in the hiney. I found some linear schematics of the proton gun, and that was helpful, but my first attempt was too small. I remedied the problem by doubling the size with a fettuccini noodle box. I glued the handles in place, but I’ll papier-mâché over everything to make it sturdier. Pretty soon it will be at the point when Ash can hold it and see if it’s going to work out of him. After it’s built, I think I’ll cover the handles with electrical tape so they’re more durable. When Ash was a kid, he used to spend hours playing the woods with his plastic proton pack catching imaginary ghosts. I can only imagine how many hours Ash will waste playing with his new Ghostbusters toy!
I’m a little proud of the attachment device for the gun. I bent a metal piece that came with a tall bookshelf (that I was supposed to use to anchor it to the wall) for the hook. The part that will hold the hook is composed of two old curtain rod holders super glued together. So far, I still haven’t had to buy anything for this project! I know that I will need to get a hose pretty soon, but I’m going to wait until the gun is done. We just had a vacuum cleaner die last spring, and I chucked it as soon as we got a new one. Looking back, I should have kept it for the hose! I guess I’m going to have to look at home improvement stores to buy a tube.