Monday, August 1, 2011

Papier-Mâché Proton Pack 5

Since I’m pretty much done with the newspaper and paste part of Ash’s proton pack, I’ve been working on the little gun thing that catches ghosts. I started off by making the handles. I had some plastic tubes that I took out of a pair of Isis wings, and I chopped them up with a pipe cutter. I wrapped many layers of gooey newspaper around the tubes, and then I built up the grips. I thought I did a fairly nice job with that part.
Building the little box that the tubes and handles stick out of was a pain in the hiney. I found some linear schematics of the proton gun, and that was helpful, but my first attempt was too small. I remedied the problem by doubling the size with a fettuccini noodle box. I glued the handles in place, but I’ll papier-mâché over everything to make it sturdier. Pretty soon it will be at the point when Ash can hold it and see if it’s going to work out of him. After it’s built, I think I’ll cover the handles with electrical tape so they’re more durable. When Ash was a kid, he used to spend hours playing the woods with his plastic proton pack catching imaginary ghosts. I can only imagine how many hours Ash will waste playing with his new Ghostbusters toy!
I’m a little proud of the attachment device for the gun. I bent a metal piece that came with a tall bookshelf (that I was supposed to use to anchor it to the wall) for the hook. The part that will hold the hook is composed of two old curtain rod holders super glued together. So far, I still haven’t had to buy anything for this project! I know that I will need to get a hose pretty soon, but I’m going to wait until the gun is done. We just had a vacuum cleaner die last spring, and I chucked it as soon as we got a new one. Looking back, I should have kept it for the hose! I guess I’m going to have to look at home improvement stores to buy a tube.

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