Friday, August 26, 2011

Proton Pack 8

I bought Ash a Ghostbusters logo and Venkmen patch on eBay for his Halloween costume. The shipping was really fast, and Ash likes them. He is responsible for getting the coveralls because there is no way I am sewing after I spent all of this time making the papier-mâché proton pack. I don’t think I’ve spent this much time on making any of Ash’s other Halloween costumes.

I keep thinking I’m done with the final layer of paper, but then I find a little flaw or lump or divot and have to go back and fix it. I especially want the corners to look sharp and geometric. So, I keep sanding and adding more layers. Even though I make costumes for us almost every year, this is one probably has taken the longest! (A couple years ago I made Ash a pretty impressive mummy costume made out individual bandages sewn together complete with hieroglyph inscriptions and amulets. Two years ago, I made him a satin Elvis suit that I decked out with hand-sewn jewels.)
After I got everything built with the paper and paste, I bought some wood putty to fill in the low spots to help make the surfaces smoother. After even more sanding, and a lot of vacuuming, I was able to prep the surface for painting.

I thought I would try spray gesso instead of regular gesso because I knew I would have a look of little spaces to paint around and I wanted a smooth surface. Let me just say my experiment was a waste of time and money. Krylon Gesso Spray is just very expensive and stinky spray paint. I also think it attracts bugs because as soon as I put on the first coat a dozen insects decided to crawl on my project and die.

Since I bought the spray, I didn’t have any regular gesso, so I touched up the surfaces as best as I could with some cheap acrylic paint I had. I didn’t save any time since I had to paint by hand anyway.

I had a lot better luck with the black spray paint. I bought camouflage paint since I wanted a matte finish and I like it! I’m starting to resent this project a little less. I just hope Ash appreciates his homemade paper proton pack.

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