Monday, August 22, 2011

Superhero Yoga: Atom Eve Pose

Not only does Superhero Yoga inspire me to go to a real yoga class with a certified and quailed instructor to fix the damage I’m doing to my spine, but it’s also making me feel fat! Perhaps I shouldn’t attempt to compare myself to contortionist cartoons right after eating tacos?
The Atom Eve Pose is from Invincible Presents Atom Eve. It’s another one legged pose. I did manage to get one photo taken when I was balancing on the ball of my foot, but it was very blurry because I was about to fall over! If only I didn’t a stomach, liver, or any other internal organs, because I think this is my closest match yet with Superhero Yoga!


  1. Heh, this is a brilliant little idea. I will now look at my back issue collection and come back to you...

  2. Seriously, that particular pose looks like it should only be attempted by licenced ballerinas wearing point shoes, and even then is a still frame out of an action sequence rather than a still.

    Major kudos for getting so close in bare feet!