Friday, August 5, 2011

Superhero Yoga: Duplicate Girl Pose

Even though I’ve only taken about a dozen yoga lessons, I have decided to invent my own form of yoga. Instead of taking classes with a highly qualified yoga instructor who is certified at the 200 of 500-hour level, I’m going to draw my inspiration from comic books! It’s called Superhero Yoga, which is where I will attempt to twist myself in the same positions as demonstrated by superheroes on the covers of my husband’s comic books. On one hand, I’m doing this to prove that there is no way a person could contort herself in these positions. On the other hand, it’s yet another way for me to mock something my husband loves!
The first pose is inspired by Duplicate Girl from the Adventure Comics #528. Duplicate Girl is in the Legion and can replicate herself via super-mitosis. She also fights evil wearing go-go boots.
Since I never went to yoga class in heeled boots and mod dress, I figured I would attempt the Duplicate Girl Pose in regular workout attire and barefoot. While I couldn’t lean over at a 45˚ angle, hold my bent leg out behind my body, crush my vertebrae while curving my spine backward, or bite my own shoulder, I was impressed that I could balance on one leg long enough for the picture!


  1. and oops! You are also not airborne! What the heck???

  2. You can't do what Duplicate Girl can do because Duplicate Girl lives in the future, a thousand years from now. In the future, everybody will be able to contort oneself into any silly position one likes for 15 minutes.

    For your next project, I suggest you build a papier-mâché Doctor Who time machine, so that you can travel to the 31st century and take Legion yoga lessons.