Monday, October 24, 2011

Ghostbusters Play-Doh

I love Play-Doh. I never grew out of the joy of squeezing a sculpting medium and creating things. When I was in college, I took four semesters of ceramics just because I like squishing and building with clay! When I was a kid, I never got name-brand Play-Doh though. We always had the homemade kind, and I never had any desire to play with kits or molds. When I was in college, I never used any molds either. I like hand building the best.
Ash, on the other hand, would have killed to have owned a Play-Doh The Real Ghostbusters play set. The friend who owned the Ecto-2 also had a Play-Doh play set. It includes an Ecto-1 that has molds for making a pair of Ghostbusters. I think they’re Peter and Egon. The hood has a goblin mold, and there’s a ghost mold too. There’s also and extruder that can make 4 ghosts at a time and proton pack accessories. The plastic mat with a street scene, plastic knife, and directions are still in the box! Heck, even the original Play-Doh is still in the box. Of course, it’s as hard as a rock, which made Ash a little sad. The glow in the dark dough is pretty nasty looking, but what else would one expect from 25 year old Play-Doh?

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