Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ash

Yesterday was Ash’s birthday, and this was the cake I ordered for him! Yes, that’s supposed to be the Ghostbusters logo (with glasses). Yes, the inscription is “Happy Birthday, You’re Not Special.”  Even though the logo is a little sad, and the writing isn’t fantastic, I wouldn’t classify it as a CakeWreck. The cake almost said, “Happy Birthday, Your Not Special,” but I caught that grammatical error in time!
(Bonus points to anyone who can guess the “happy birthday, you’re not special” reference.)


  1. That's a Bill Hicks reference. What are my bonus points good for?

  2. it´s a (nof'x "happy birthday"song) reference??

  3. bwa-hahahah!! I knew it!!

    (I must confess i had no idea... i just typed "happy birthday youre not special" on google... oh, google im nothing w/o you)

    thanks for the points!!