Monday, March 19, 2012

Ghostbusters Toy Helicopter

When my husband was little, he played rough with his toys, none of which survived. Ash still mourns for the loss of many of the toys from his youth, especially his Ghostbusters toys. Ash’s excuse was that he was very young when he had those toys. (He was born the year Ghostbusters was released.)
Fortunately for Ash’s inner child, we have a friend from college who took very good care of his toys. Even better for Ash, this friend’s mom throws away nothing! Awhile ago, our friend brought over some old The Real Ghostbusters toys for Ash to drool over.
Ash was pretty excited to see the Ecto-2, which is helicopter that was featured in the cartoon in order to sell more toys. He had one when he was little, and was overjoyed to see the action figures too. Ash spent a little more time than I’d like to admit playing with the Ecto-Copter when it was unveiled.

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  1. wow i remember those toys! i was a little out-of-age by that time to play w them (im kinda old right now)... but anyway i had a creepy screaming winston and an orange ghost... hahahah good memories

    PS: Is good to read you again!!