Monday, March 26, 2012

Two Young Justices

Why does my husband need two copies of Young Justice #29? Is it a particularly valuable comic, or did he forget that he owned it and bought it again?


  1. Sigh! I've done this myself a couple of times. Usually it's because the comic book store I order comics hasn't got a copy of the book it's meant to put aside for me. So I get it elsewhere, only for my regular supplier to find a copy for me a couple of weeks later. I'm never assertive enough to tell them I've already got it somewhere else. Perhaps this happened with your fella.

  2. trying some kind of 3D effect, maybe?

  3. Robert -- I agree. I do the same thing, sometimes :) It doesn't help that covers are so non-memorable, too. Or I'm getting old and my memory is shot.

    Don't be too hard on him. If he's only got two doubles so far, that's pretty good!

    Take it and run,

  4. Maybe one copy to read, the other to seal in a Mylar bag with an acid-free backing board and store in a vault so he can sell it someday for $1,075,000.00 and put your kids through Harvard?