Monday, May 21, 2012

Two Omega Men

Ash’s habit of buying two of the exact same comic isgetting annoying. I just saw that he has two copies of Omega Men #37. Our apartment is small enough! It’s bad enough that we have a dozen boxes filled with comics clogging up our bedroom, but now I’m worried about how many of those comics are duplicates!


  1. My husband does the same thing! When I asked, he said "one is to read and one is to keep in case it's valuable someday". He didn't appreciate me pointing out someday is likely 50 years from now....sigh....

  2. Comics from the 1960's and earlier are valuable (i.e., expensive) now because they are rare. Back then, the comic book fans were kids who read them and then threw them away. Today, the fans are collectors and investors who save them, so the supply will probably always be higher than the demand. Therefore, recent comics are not likely to become very valuable. (I know some DC "new 52" issues are selling online for $10-20, but they cost over $4 to begin with, so the profit margin is not spectacular. And the suckers buying those will get burned when they try to resell them, for the reasons described above. Every collector who wants them, already has them.)