Monday, October 15, 2012

Summer Recap

Over the summer, Ash and I moved to a new apartment. It was shocking how much stuff we had crammed in our previous one bedroom apartment. Ash was pleased to move to the new place because of the second bedroom, which he took over as his “man cave.” It’s full of his comics, which would make it more of a “nerd room” than a “man cave,” but I digress.

I took this picture mid-packing to document my sorrow.
After moving, and unpacking, life just got in the way. Yes, Ash still keeps wasting money on comics and Doctor Who DVDs, but I’ve just been so busy with work and other obligations I haven’t even had time to complain about him publicly lately! Last Sunday was the first time in over two months where I wasn’t obligated to be anywhere, and it was nice!
Anyway, I hope things will settle down after Halloween. This year I decided to be lazy and not make new costumes, but I think I will make up for it by making caramel apples instead!

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