Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Superhero Stickers

Ash was pretty excited the last time we shopping because he found superhero stickers! He was happy because the Flash and Green Lantern were included. What he will do with them, I have no idea, but they sure brightened his day. He said, “Even the Aquaman sticker is cool!”

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Homer Piñata

I like papier-mâché a lot. I like papier-mâché a lot more than an adult probably should. When a friend of mine called to tell me that she was planning a surprise party for her husband’s 30th birthday, I immediately offered to make a piñata for the very grown up and classy affair! She wanted to have a Simpsons themed party, so I created a Homer piñata of course!

Since I tend to go overboard when I play with papier-mâché, I had to keep telling myself that it didn’t have to be perfect since I was building it to be destroyed. It’s wasn’t a perfect piñata, but it was good enough to house chocolate, plastic dinosaurs, and squirt guns.