Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Army of Darkness Chainsaw 6

My papier-mâché Army of Darkness chainsaw is taking a lot longer to make than I anticipated. This is probably because I am bogged down with homework most of the time and don’t have the free time to work on Halloween stuff as much as I like. I know I’m going to be cutting it pretty close this year!

 I added the handle to the top, and I also added the little bendy bar on the side. For the part on the side, I took a sturdy piece of plastic tube and cut it into smaller pieces with a pipe cutter. I ran a thin piece of wire in the middle and duct taped all the parts in place. I also added the cuff on the back, which was originally the cardboard center of a role of packing tape. My husband is a little upset that he can’t fit his hand inside of the opening, and he doesn’t appreciate me teasing him about his truckasaurus hands! 

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