Monday, October 28, 2013

Big, Scary Spider

Ash and I went to the temporary Halloween store at the mall recently just to see what decorations we’ll want, decide are too expensive, and then not buy. There was a lot of creepy clown stuff this year, and zombie babies are still available. However, the best thing I saw was a big, hairy spider by the entrance with a mat labeled, “Step here!”

If I let this spider bite me, will I get super powers or will I just be super itchy?

Ash loathes spiders, especially the ones that try to sneak into our house. So, of course, I told him to step on it. He said, “You step on it” and started to make his way to the Doctor Who section. I had to step on it. At first it just vibrated a little, and I thought that was pathetic, so I turned to follow Ash. Just as I turned, this beast lunged at me incredibly fast and startled me! Ash got a good laugh at my expense, but he said we couldn’t buy it. First of all, it was $50, and I don’t have a job since I’m in grad school now. Secondly, I bet he thinks I would just hide it in various places around our home to frighten him. 

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