Sunday, October 27, 2013

Female Versions of Male Costume

Why, oh why, is it that costume makers think that when women dress up as male characters, they want costumes that are extremely nude and stripper-esque? Ash and I went to a Halloween store and I was left with many questions. Why can’t women just wear the regular Ghostbusters flight suit and be a regular Ghostbuster? Instead, the female costume is a little dress designed to show as much leg and boob as possible. I really don’t think that tiny dress would be appropriate for fighting Gozer and climbing many flights of stairs. A woman can’t just wear a regular Beetlejuice costume either! Oh no! She has to wear a microscopic dress that only hints at Beetlejuice because it has black and white stripes.

No, Sir, I don't like it.

Is this because the person wearing the costume wants to make sure that everyone knows she is in fact female, and the only way to do this is to make sure her breasts are on display for all to see? If this is that big of a problem, I would think an easier solution to this conundrum would to be to just dress as a female character or carry around a birth certificate with the gender highlighted for all to see.
I haven’t noticed this phenomenon happening with men’s costuming. When a man wants to be a female character, he doesn’t wear a slapped-together tragedy of a costume with strategic cutouts that showcase his testicles. Wouldn’t that be a great sight? Imagine a man in a Power Girl costume with extra cutouts, or a man could wear a Super Girl costume with a skirt short enough to give everyone a peek at his anatomy to assure everyone that he is a man.

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