Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Army of Darkness Chainsaw 7

Fear not, gentle readers! I did manage to finish my homemade chainsaw for my Bruce Campbell costume. I finished it the morning of my Halloween party! I cut it a lot closer than I should have, but my first semester of grad school was hectic! As much as I enjoyed doing schoolwork every waking hour for months on end, I’m pleased to have a break now. (My Halloween party was the last day I had where I didn’t do any work before finals week ended.)

 To finish up my papier-mâché chainsaw, I did a lot more sanding, added more layers of newspaper, and primed the surfaces for painting. I made a little toggle switch out of a nut, washer, and a pin. For the knobs, I cut down the lids from 2 liter bottles. The pull handle was just papier-mâché over a plastic core and a string. Painting the chainsaw arm didn’t take too long, and I just used cheap craft paint. I painted the metallic parts gray first and then added silver over the top. When I finished painting, I added all the screws.

The best part was adding all the blood and gore over the top! I poured a combination of brown and red paint on my hands and applied the paint with extreme care and diligence. It’s a good thing I’m going to college for painting, right?