Friday, February 7, 2014

Superhero Yoga: Velocity Pose

Maybe if I had a lightning bolt to lean against, this would have been easier.

The poses female superheroes are drawn in are pretty ridiculous. Who knew that bending so one’s breasts and butt are visible at the same time was such a standard super power?

The Velocity Superhero Yoga Pose required a lot of twisting of the spine and balance. I did my best to recreate this pose, but I certainly had difficulty and didn’t get a perfect match. I began by extending my right leg, but I was unable to keep it straight. I also couldn’t put all of my weight on the ball of my foot with my leg extended in front of me. I bent forward and did my best to arch and twist my back, but I just lacked the flexibility and augmentations to get my rear and chest visible simultaneously. The easiest part was bringing my right arm towards the ground, but my arm was too short to touch the floor. Finally, I managed to balance on one foot, which surprised even me!

Furthermore, I was also unable to shrink my head so it looked tiny compared to by body like in the illustration. I suppose the artist had to guess how large the head would look compared to the body in position since there’s no way he used a model for reference! 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Doctor Who CDs

Doctor Hears a Who?

Ash has quite the collection of Doctor Who DVDs. Due to his obsessive nature, he feels compelled to own every single episode of this television show. Unfortunately for him, many of the episodes were erased and no longer exist. Unfortunately for me, there are many audio tracks of Doctor Who available to purchase even though the visuals are lost.