Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Doctor Veil, My 12 Foot Foe

I really needed to get to work on my Doctor Who veil since the event I need it for is on the 28th of June. After I washed, dried, and ironed my 12 feet of glorious silk, I had to paint on the dye. First, I marked where all the stripes would go. I looked at the Doctor Who Scarf website and measured the stripes compared to the one Ash had. I decided to paint the original stripes. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a silk stretcher. I thought about building one, but it would need to be over 12 feet long. The local lumber yard has boards, but they are too short. Also, I wouldn’t have a way to get them home. I decided to rig a very fancy stretcher out of folding chairs, thread, and a lot of scotch tape.

Very fancy, indeed!

I drew the lines for the stripes with water based resist, and once the lines dried I painted on the dye. The resist prevented the colors from running together. I could only do a yard and half at a time because my kitchen is so small. It took all day.


After I heat set the dye with my iron, washed out the resist, and dried it, I saw how noticeable the resist lines were. I didn’t like the white stripes on the veil, so I decided to paint a second layer without resist. I used very watery dye and overlapped in the white areas. As if that didn’t take enough time, I had to heat set the entire thing again.

Ironing is so much fun!

I hope it was worth all the time and money to create this prop!

Did I mention I had to iron?

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