Monday, June 16, 2014

Doctor Veil

Despite the sorrow Doctor Who causes me, I know enough about it to relate to people who love it. Unfortunately, my sense of humor gets me in trouble from time to time, and I’m in one of those situations now. I know several wonderful women who love the Doctor, and a long time ago they began plotting a dance show with a Doctor Who theme. I first joked that I would make a Cyberman costume and do the robot. I spouted off a few other terrible thoughts (such as doing a cane dance with that question mark umbrella) until I joked about dancing with a 12 foot long veil with stripes as homage to Dr. Scarf.

So, guess who is going to perform in a Doctor Who themed dance show with a 12 foot long veil…

How can I remain grumpy when I have 4 yards of silk?
I really shouldn’t complain because the other dancers in the show are fantastic. Most of the performers are from Jewel in the Lotus Dance Company, and they’re talented and friendly. I went to a rehearsal last week, and it was a blast. There were snacks, shiny costumes, and of course the dancing. The show is fewer than 2 weeks away, which means I really need to keep working on my veil. 

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