Sunday, June 8, 2014

Game Stop in Italy

I had the good fortune of being free from comics, Doctor Who, and old video games for two weeks last month. I mean, I had the good fortune of traveling to Italy for two weeks last month. The trip was for an art history course. My savings account looks pretty meager, but I’m happy I went. It was a great opportunity, and it was a good way to end my first semester in graduate school.

Instead of boring you with details about my gondola ride in Venice, seeing amazing paintings by Caravaggio, Leonardo, Artemisia, Botticelli, and Michelangelo, and visiting ancient Roman ruins, I’ll share the nerdiness I was unable to escape.

First of all, on the trip over, my potato chips made a Doctor Who reference. The packaging claimed that the bag was engineered with “Tardis-like technology.” While the bag was filled with more chips than air like most bags, it was still not quite enough of a snack.

Isn't all this fat and salt bad for the Doctor's hearts?
I also spotted a couple Game Stop stores while in Italy. There were many old buildings that were occupied with modern businesses. There was a gift store in the Colosseum, and more souvenir shops than I could count within the Vatican chapels. I breezed past this Game Stop while on a walking tour, and I saw a few other shops with superhero advertising and products.

Come se dice "nerd" en Italiano?

Surprisingly while I was away, Ash didn’t break the bank buying movies and video games. He only expanded his Doctor Who collection a little and acquired the Veronica Mars movie. 

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