Friday, May 29, 2015

Ghostbusters Dream House

Ash turned 30 this year, and for his super grown-up birthday, I bought him the best present in the entire world. I got him the Ghostbusters toy firehouse! I had been looking for one that I could afford for a few years, but I was highly motivated to find one for his birthday. I managed to snag one in an online auction during the summer, but I had to hide it for about two months so I wouldn’t ruin the surprise. I also bought Ash several Ghostbusters action figures.

Yes, this pole still works.

On his birthday, I wrapped up each of the Ghostbusters dolls individually, but only gave those to him. After he opened all of his little boxes, I did the “Oh no, I forgot to give you one of your presents” shtick. As soon as I left the room to retrieve his big gift, he knew what I got him. So, all my careful crafting and conniving was for nothing, but at least he appreciated the gift! The only problem is that I’ll never be able to get him a better present. Let’s hope he doesn’t get too disappointed next year!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Zuul is Thirsty

There is no Coke. There is only Zuul!

Because Coca-Cola has the random-names-on-cans gimmick, I had to modify one for Ash. Who wouldn’t want to share a Coke with Zuul?

Friday, May 15, 2015

Tom Servo’s Head

Bring me the head of Tom Servo!

While I am pleased that summer is finally here, my summer class began the Monday after finals week. Fortunately, I don’t have a fulltime class load, which means that I will have some glorious free time! Since I only had a short workday today, I stopped at the local thrift store on my way home. I am glad I did because I found Tom Servo’s head! I’m only sad that I couldn’t find a bowling pin, net, and couple ping pong balls too.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hooray for Summer

This last school year has been insanely busy for me, but I just finished up my second year of graduate school! Between teaching, painting, and other homework, I’ve been neglecting my poor husband. I think he likes all the time to himself though because he gets to watch more TV and play more video games without me bothering him. Lately, he’s even tried putting two televisions in the living room so he can play Earthbound and watch movies at the same time. Fortunately, my semester just ended, so I’ll have a time to play with Ash.

This is what happens when my husband is left unsupervised for too long.